Saturday, 6 October 2012

Well havent done this in a while

The last month or so have been busy first off we went to grease for are first family holiday it was on a little Island called Zante it was ok holiday but me and hubby to be said we wouldn't go there again there was too many bars there and the food wasn't good too. But the beach was ok and Brody enjoyed it and I suppose that's all that matters. A week after we came home hubby to be ( let's just call him hubby. B) fell ill and ended up in hospital with the mumps or a allergie we don't know what it is until the test back but I think he's got a allergie and now he suffering with it. Oh fun fun fun! And I slipped on my diet plan too eating what I want and not exercising oops! But tomorrow I will get back on track I think and eating healthy that mean peanut butter kitkats are gone and the rest of the chocolate goods and take aways and the mac Donald's I will miss then but they should be a treat not for everyday. Anyway it's my little boys 2nd birthday on weds and he is soo grown up its making me feel old already but in the same way I don't want him to grow up fast I like him as he is now but he will always be mammy's fav little baby boy. :)

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