Monday, 30 April 2012

So I'm gunna write down a list of music

I love I'm not putting them in order because I haven't got a fav I like them all people that know me thinks I love metal electro and pop stuff but they don't know me I listen to everything but these are what I listen to all the time and I love

1. Okay so the first one is stevie nicks I love her in fleetwood mac the album rumours its such an awesome album

2.arcade fire the album funeral the first song on the album I want to get married to.i didn't like them at first until my awesome hubby be said listen to them propley.

3.Joan jett how much I love you Joan jett you remind me of my child hood and singing I love rock n roll

4.City and colour Dallas thank you for asking me to marry mr Lau and I love your music and I love the way you change it on each album

5.blondie now I like blondie but not all her music

6.the Beatles I'm in love with the Beatles they are one of my favourite bands ever

7. T.rex there so great my favourite song by t Rex is white swan

Monday, 16 April 2012

Go go list Monday

Yay it's back so I haven't done much I'll just tell you what I've done during the past few weeks so here we go

1.I like these nails you should check out the blog cakes at Easter :)
3.Brodys first happy meal
4.who's that cool person? hubby to be says I look like peppermint patty Easter cakes again yummy :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Go go list Monday

Again not here this week been soo busy I have doing my family and it makes u thinks about things like how old I was when my Nanna died and do I still know her or what she looked like but I was 5 and I sort of remember her and what I remember Ill treasure. But what else I found out is I have sooo many aunties and uncles and cousin it's insane but I love history and I love finding out things about people. Well anyway this week differently go go list Monday is back I will prepare it during the week :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So yesterday

We didn't have go go list Monday but next week we will I have been soo busy with family stay here with us and making dinners and baking and just doing stuff and im so not use to running around after people only me and Brody and my husband to be. So anyway yesterday we went into town and we had something to eat and had a little walk around about and we differently had to pop into the comic book shop mine and my husband to be favourite shop and went back to the mother in laws house where I had a nice Cupid tea and I was so happy to get the tea because it had been windy and rainy all day. Anyway it was still rainy and windy , and we went to pizza hut had a yummy pizza and then went to the cinema to see the hunger games and guess what ....... I loved it. I felt for the characters so much in it to the point at one point I was crying. I think ill start reading the book has anyone read the books? Any my hubby be be said its ripping off another film a film called battle royale. Well I think next week we will have go go list Monday back yay :)