Sunday, 4 March 2012

So I havent written in this for a while

So I've been really busy just lately losing weight for my holiday in september so I can get into a swimsuit and not look fat I've lost a stone so far but even thou I've lost a stone I still feel fat I'm tryin to get to 8 stone again I've been dieting and excersizing like made I feel proud of myself just want to get back to that weight again but anyway don't want to bore you. So what I've been doing that is the question? Well basically nothing except for moaning so much dunno what's wrong with me this month just liking a good moan about nothing. I made my lovely guy a pillow for valentines day I've never made one before and I must say its great. It's green and pink I no it should be red but I wanted it to be different and is and he loves it. Well I'll keep u updated on stuff that is probably gunna be nothing
Hope u had a lovely day :)

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