Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I am dyslexic and for many years now its been bothering me because sometimes it's embracing to say I have dyslexia and visual dyslexia but now I think about it I can't read a book to my son I can't spell things he would want me to spell. Sometimes it makes you feel stupid because you can't say words properly or spell and that's really upsetting but it always makes me feel better to know other people have it to like eddie izzard and he is so bright smart and clever. And for my visual dyslexia I have to wear glasses with coloured lens I haven't got them yet but I can't wait until I do because I can read books properly and I've always wanted to read books. At school I used to get picked on because I was in special classes and it wasn't nice some people through I was slow and I wasn't I just didn't understand people so I'm sorry to the people that sometimes understand what I spell


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