Saturday, 6 October 2012

Well havent done this in a while

The last month or so have been busy first off we went to grease for are first family holiday it was on a little Island called Zante it was ok holiday but me and hubby to be said we wouldn't go there again there was too many bars there and the food wasn't good too. But the beach was ok and Brody enjoyed it and I suppose that's all that matters. A week after we came home hubby to be ( let's just call him hubby. B) fell ill and ended up in hospital with the mumps or a allergie we don't know what it is until the test back but I think he's got a allergie and now he suffering with it. Oh fun fun fun! And I slipped on my diet plan too eating what I want and not exercising oops! But tomorrow I will get back on track I think and eating healthy that mean peanut butter kitkats are gone and the rest of the chocolate goods and take aways and the mac Donald's I will miss then but they should be a treat not for everyday. Anyway it's my little boys 2nd birthday on weds and he is soo grown up its making me feel old already but in the same way I don't want him to grow up fast I like him as he is now but he will always be mammy's fav little baby boy. :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Losing weight is

So hard now I can't stop eating junk but tomorrow is a new day so let's try and get down to 8st that is my goal I'm 8.5.0 today but tomorrow I'll be more cause i've eaten so much today feel so bad about it thou. So tomorrow I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna exercise much harder and push my self. And when I'm hungry I'll think I want to be skinny not chubby. If I could wake up one day and look like Anne Hathaway head and hair and Jessica Essen body I'd be so happy that would be perfect for me what is your person you'd wanna look like? Any hopefully 8st before my holiday yay :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

So I've been so excited

About getting new crafts books and just books lol I sometimes feel like I want to read a good book sometimes I chose a book get half way through and get BORED so I've picked out myself so books that sound good and hopefully I want get bored. I'm loving Anne Hathaway as cat women she is great. And mine and my sons favourite cartoon is tangled we sing along to it abit too much and dance around the living room like mad :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

You dont think

Your kids grow up fast but they do my little boy isn't a baby anymore he's a little boy now and I didnt realise until today when he was eating dinner with everyone and how much he looked like a little boy and not a baby. Deep down inside I will always want the baby years back because before I know it he will be 18 and grown up and I would want to keep him safe but he wont want his mam there all the time but he will need me when he wants me but that's all to come I'm just loving how he is now all playful and running around everywhere and shouting and screaming and laughing :)

Friday, 22 June 2012


So I've been working out for a while now and I must say its hard at the beginning but it's getting easier at first I did ten mins then 30 mins with divina McCall I dunno how to spell her name now I'm a hour with Tracey Anderson post pregnancy thing and I think when you just had your baby you should do it because I waited until he was 1 and abit and it's so hard because he's running about everywhere so I have to wait until the hubby to be is home but next week I'm doing a new work out insanity workout and I'm doing for 60 days and see what happens. Ive already lost weight I was 10st10 and now I'm 8st7 but I want to be 8 stone and it feels like its really slow now but that's what happens when you get lighter :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I through I'd have a change so I cut my hair and I just chopped and chopped and now it feels soo thin oh well but I like it. I was all on my own last night hubby to be went to pub and Brody was at his nannas so I through oh this is gunna be nice but by an hour I felt lonely and the house was so quiet usual I like it but I didnt yesterday. And today hubby to be at work and baby at nannas so it feels like 2 days on my own. But tonight I know it will be a mad house so maybe I should just relax and maybe pamper myself abit more

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I am

In love with Mary Kate and ashley I have been since I was little I don't care what people say about them there awesome I wish I had a twin sister when I see them i always think I should be closer to my sister but she's going through the stage of being rebellious which is fine because when I was her age I was like that. I didn't care about anything I was gunn do what I want and look how I want and I wouldn't care what people said ahhh being young again I'm talking like I'm old but I'm not I'm just a mam now so I have rules now well some rules and I can't really look how I want anymore but I do usually break the rules but as long as he says I'm a good mam I'm fine with that :)